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Shirtless British Skinhead

Ian always did odd jobs and was constantly jumping from job to job. Nobody could employ him for long because of his attitude problem. Ian didn’t like taking orders and always caused problems everywhere he worked. He also enjoyed rough sex with other lads and was one day introduced to BDSM. Ian quickly found that he like being a top because he gets to be in control and push around bottoms. One day, Ian was approached by a professional male sex slave trader who saw great potential in him. Ian’s cocky and no bullshit behavior made him ideal as a slave trader because he can use those skills to take down potential male sex slave stock.

After some thought, Ian decided to become a male sex slave trader. Ian has since captured and traded over thirty slaves all of which he got to break in first. Ian took the most pride in breaking the slave’s spirit and molding him into a toy to be used and abused.