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Man with Large Nipple Clamps

Man wearing heavy duty, industrial strength nipple clamps.

Getting large and tough nipples takes a lot of work. This man has definitely put int serious time into his male nipple enlargement regime. Not any man can endure the heavy duty, industrial strength nipple clamps he has on. The heavy weight along can greatly stretch nipples producing some permanent male nipple enlargement. Well done!!

Man with Tit Trainers

Man with tit trainers on, stretching out his nips.

Slave #498509 was captured over a month ago and has remained very difficult to break. One of the gay slave Trainers were putting him through a training session when a group of potential gay slave Masters were taking a tour of the dungeon. A potential gay slave Master saw slave #498509 being worked on and really enjoyed it. He decided to put in an early purchase for the slave under one condition, the slave nipples must be further enlarged and stretched. The potential Master gave the Trainers a two week deadline to get the slave’s nips up to his standard or he’d withdraw his funds for the purchase.

“I’m sorry, boy, but there’s a Master who’s interested in you and your useless slave tits aren’t up to standard around here yet,” the slave Trainer told the slave, “We’ve been pretty easy on you but we’re going to have to step it up.”

“People are looking for me you fucking asshole!” the slave retorted, “You can’t keep me here forever! You’re a sick fuck!”

“You’ve already been here for a month and no one’s come calling,” the slave Trainer replied as he got out a pair of tit trainers.

“What the fuck are you doing? Get the fuck away from me!” the slave cried.

The slave Trainer attached the tit trainers onto each of the slave’s nipples as the slave screamed in pain. The slave’s nipples were so flat and inverted that it was hard to clamp the tit trainers onto them. Once the tit trainers were firmly clamped over the gay slave’s nipples, the Trainer began to twist the small screw at the end of the clamp effectively pulling and stretching the slave’s nipple further outward with each twist.

“Ahhh!! Fuck! Fuck you! Shit!” the slave cried, “Stop, stop it!”

The slave Trainer continued to twist the screw stretching the slave’s nips further and further. He slipped on a tight isolation hood over the slave, cutting off all senses except for smell and mouth. Then he gagged the slave with a ball gag and left the room. The slave lay in strict bondage, agonizing from the pain of his nipples stretching. All he could think of is when will the tit trainers come off.

The tit trainers were left on the slave 24/7 for the two week duration he had left at the dungeon with the slave Trainers. The slave’s nipples were continously stretched without any rest. The slave’s nipples have been stretched to about 1/2 inch in length, more than enough to now play with and torture easily.

Man's nipples clamped with Japanese Clover Clamps

A slave’s nipples are worthless if they aren’t tortured and modified. Many potential slave owners enjoy clamping their slave’s nipples with Japanese Clover Clamps. Others like to pump up the nipples and permanently enlarge them which give them much more nipple to torture and play with.

Horse-bit gagged Man with Japanese Clover Clamps

slave 9284 has lost track of how long he’s been captive to the Slave Trainers of the underground male sex trade. He was at a bar late one night trying to get some action with the local women but didn’t have any luck. As he was walking to his car that night, he was jumped and drugged, immediately passing out. Upon awakening, he found himself stripped naked and restrained in leather cuffs. He knew that he was in trouble. That was a long time ago.
slave 9284 has since been trained to take dick up the ass and suck cock. The Slave Trainers regularly take him to the local gay BDSM clubs have the men there fuck with him. One of the demands was to enlarge his tits so that he can be more fun to play with. The next time slave 9284 was brought to the club for some fun, the men promptly clamped his swollen and modified nips, enjoying his muffled screams and moans through the gag. The men want his ass expanded so he can take a fist. Fisting training commenced soon after.