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Ben Brown Hairy Armpits

Ben Brown showing off his hairy armpits and dick

Young Ben Brown Hairy Armpits

Younger Ben Brown’s Hairy Armpits

I don’t watch porn that much (if at all) so I discovered British gay porn star, Ben Brown, from the pics I saw online. I first learned of him through pics I found of Bruno Knight, also a British gay porn star. They were paired in lots of Gay BDSM porns and were so hot. I love his hairy armpits and sexy body. It’s funny to see how young he was in the start of his career. Still so hot as Hell!

Muscular Man with Mohawk and Armpits

Ares have always taken pleasure in capturing slaves and breaking their will. He has both male and female slaves but particularly likes breaking male slaves because of their naturally defiant nature. Untrained male slaves often resist succumbing to the will of another man. Always prideful and strong-willed, it makes the job all the more fun for Ares. Ares loves to see the male slave lose their will and finally fall victim to his darkest desire, of which he has many.