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Tasting deodorant during armpit sex isn’t the best thing in the world…

We’ve all been there and one point or another. You find a hot guy and things get frisky. You tongue each other, eating each others faces. Then you start stripping his shirt off and instinctively go for his sexy, hairy armpits and lick with out restraint. To your horror, he still has deodorant on!!! Aahhh!!!!!!!!

Nothing’s worst than digging into a guy’s sexy, hairy armpit only to find he wore deodorant and didn’t have the common courtesy to wash it off. The chemical taste could linger in your mouth for minutes and put a damper on the mood. I’ve learned to request guys I’m going to hook up with not use deodorant at all. Live and learn. LOL

Ben Brown Hairy Armpits

Ben Brown showing off his hairy armpits and dick

Young Ben Brown Hairy Armpits

Younger Ben Brown’s Hairy Armpits

I don’t watch porn that much (if at all) so I discovered British gay porn star, Ben Brown, from the pics I saw online. I first learned of him through pics I found of Bruno Knight, also a British gay porn star. They were paired in lots of Gay BDSM porns and were so hot. I love his hairy armpits and sexy body. It’s funny to see how young he was in the start of his career. Still so hot as Hell!

Gay Sex Slave Rubber Mummy Sleepsack

Gay sex slave mummified in rubber sleepsack

Once a slave’s prison term expires, there are a few options on how to move forward. There can be a gay sex slave auction held to sell the slave and make some extra money for the prison or the slaves can be turned into objects then stored away for use at any time. The paperwork for these slaves are always faked to make it appear like they’ve been released and working are public civil servants. In reality, the slave that get sold actually are public civil servants that serve as sex slaves to their owners. The terminology may seem slightly different but in the end they are serving as productive servants instead of being criminals in their former life.

The less fortunate slaves that don’t get purchased as pushed through the final phase of the new prison program which transitions the gay sex slaves into sex objects. As sex objects, they are no longer regarded as human and all rights are taken away. They are further dehumanized then molded into whatever is needed of them. These sex objects are often permanently locked into leather, rubber or latex bondage suits and stored away in the deep basement of the prison. Zipper holes are made for their nose, mouth, nipples, penis and asshole so that basic bodily function can continue. The sex objects are no longer permitted to see and their hearing is controlled by small speakers built into the hoods.

These objects are held captive for the remainder of its life undergoing further extreme training and even experimentation in an effort to improve the gay sex slave regimen established under the Corrective Civil Servant Act.

The government sees that program as such a success because crime has dropped and prison overcrowding has nearly ceased. They are most pleased that the repeat offenders seem to truly turn a new leaf through this program and they are correct. Those gay sex slaves have fully succumbed to their fate and serve without question.

Caged Gay Male Sex Slave

Gay male sex slave kept in cage

Slaves under the Corrective Civil Servant Act are kept in bondage and in training for the remainder of their prison sentence. Some lucky slaves only have a few years left on their sentence while others serve lifetime sentences. Regardless of duration, the gay sex slave training is permanent and it deeply ingrained into their new slave ego. They have insatiable desires to serve in whatever ways are expected of them.

Their loves ones would continuously write letters, make phone calls or try to make contact but are rejected every time. Their loved ones are always told that the “prisoner” doesn’t wish to see them or make contact. Sometimes when threat of legal action arises, the slaves are permitted to write a short letter or phone call back and tell their loved ones the very same thing. After the extensive slave training they’ve endured, they learn to do as their told without question, including lying to their loved ones about what’s happening to them.

Over time, their loved ones no longer keep in touch and the slaves are left with nothing left of their former lives.

Gay Sex Slave Head Shaving

Head shaving of gay sex slave

As the slave enters the next part of their gay sex slave training, it’s essential to remove its identity entirely. That includes body hair of any kind, markings (such as tattoos) that were not branded on it after its enrollment and so forth. Leaving anything for the slave to remind it of its former life could undo all the training it had already undergone.

Body modification of the slave is essential in this phase of the training as well. The slave would have already been broken and fairly accepting of its new role. Any bondage, torture and training can be done to the slave with little to no protest at this point. It’s at this time that extensive body modifications can be done. Using laser hair removal procedures to permanently remove the slave’s body can ensure that it will be smooth for the rest of its life. Getting tattoos and branded are also very popular during this stage but the most important body modifications from here on are to enhance the slave’s sexual performance.

Permanently enlarging a gay sex slave’s nipples to obscene proportions as well as anal enlargement and permanently penis chastity are popular. Some slaves that were fairly obedient throughout their training don’t have to get permanent penis chastity. The ones that caused a lot of trouble must be kept in line with strict rules and usually extreme body modifications to further break and deprave the slave. Those slaves usually are the ones that are trained to turn their rebellious energy into massive sexual drive with insatiable desire to to serve their superiors.

Gay Sex Slave CBT

Gay sex slave endures painful CBT

Prisoners who arrive at the new prison facility are promptly set into rigorous gay sex slave training regimens to provide ample time for the recondition to take permanent effect. One of the biggest problems about transitioning a prisoner into their new role as a gay sex slave is that their rebellious nature tends to reject the slave training. Because of this known problem, it’s important to start the training immediately so that their ego can be broken earlier. Once their ego is broken, the gay sex slave training goes by easier because the prisoner begins to obey for fear of the punishment they may endure if they don’t.

The longer the prisoner is kept in this depraved state of mind, the more effective the slave training becomes. After some time, the gay sex slave training gets permanently indoctrinated into their new slave ego making them slaves once and for all.

Gay Prisoner Sucking Cop's Dick

Male prisoner forced into gay sex and suck a cop’s dick

Prisoners enrolled under the Corrective Civil Servant Act had no idea what was in store for them. They were told they were going to a new facility to help free up the overcrowded prisons where they get to serve out the rest of their prison sentence and also be rehabilitated as public civil servants. Little did they know that they were actually going to be reconditioned mentally and physically into gay sex slaves. They’ll still be public civil servants but just not the way they thought.

Once the paperwork was done for the transfer, the prisoners are promptly escorted to transport and are immediately put into strict bondage. The guards often gag the prisoner to stop him from protesting then proceed to tie him up in leather and chains. Some prisoners are more unruly than others so the guards would put on tight leather hoods to seal their head in, shutting out the rest of the world. That was just only the start of this new life for the prisoners. From that point forward, they begin their transition from prisoner to gay sex slave.

Male prisoner in bondage

Male prisoner held captive in bondage

In the near future the government spent millions of dollars over the last several decades trying to rehabilitate prisoners charged with felonies but their efforts were mostly unsuccessful. Murderers, sex offenders and drug abusers nearly always returned to their old habits after being released from their prison sentence. With prison overcrowding, the prisons often had to release some of these social delinquents early but as crime began to rise, the government had to come up with a different strategy to handle the prisoners.

The Director of National Security proposed a new prison program within all the states which will rehabilitate the prisoners into productive public servants. The government gladly signed off on this new plan thinking that the prisoners will come out into society as better citizens after their prison term. Little did they know that this new prison program was actually going to be a lawful way for the Director of National Security to run his own sex slave training program nationwide.

When the new law went into effect dubbed the Correctional Civil Servant Act (CCSA), prisoners that would have been released early were admitted into the new prison program instead. The first few prisoners to enroll under the CCSA thought they were being admitted to a larger prison to server the rest of their sentence but when the prison guards started gagging them with ball gags and putting them into bondage before transport, the prisoners knew that something was very wrong.

Man with Enlarged Pumped Nipples

Man with very enlarged nipples from nipple pumping and enlargement

Holy shit!!! This man’s magnificently enlarged nipples are amazing. Great size can be achieved from prolong and continuous nipple pumping and training. I can only hope that I can one day grow my nipples to these same epic proportions! WOOF!!!