Welcome to the Men’s Pics Headquarters

WARNING: Not Safe for Work!! (NSFW)

Man in business suit with gay male slaveHot and sexy pictures of masculine gay men are all over the internet and I have been one of the many guys that have been collecting pics for years. I started collecting pics of men’s armpits, male nipples and BDSM since my youth and have continued to get more pictures. These pics of some of the hottest men have been sitting on my hard drive for years but I recently decided to share them all with the world.

You will find a lot of men in bondage, male nipple enlargement/torture/mods, hairy men’s armpits and muscular/masculine men since these all turn me on and get me hard. I hope that these pics will get you hard too. I see this as doing somewhat of a community service helping kinky-minded fuckers feeling horny as shit and entertained.

I also like to write so I’ll be write short gay erotica to accompany the pics and I might write novella or short serialized stories if the mood strikes. I have plenty of steamy stories in my head about primal mansex in it’s truest and most primitive form. Getting hard? I hope so! Enjoy checking out the site and be sure to connect with me on Google+ and Tumblr.

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